Air quality solutions

Step 1 air quality measurement

Measuring the air quality is the ideal basis for creating a healthy environment. Top 3 arguments for particle measurement / formaldehyde / VOC:
  • (1) awareness: understand the actual air quality status
  • (2) better solutions: target your initiatives precisely on problem solving
  • (3) healthy environment: better working conditions and prevent respiratory disease

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Step 2 Reduce air pollution from the source

Reduce air pollution wherever possible. Practical examples:
  • » Replace environmentally harmful chemicals
  • » Replace the wood-burning stove
  • » Air quality in the area of your printer
  • » Product comparison: Test emissions

Case Study

Step 3 Optimize the HVAC ventilation unit

Increase the effectiveness of your current HVAC ventilation unit. Initiatives:
  • » Replace the air filters
  • » Maintain the ventilation system and clean the infrastructure
  • » Search for options for a system upgrade:
  •    O Increase filter capacity
  •    O Finer Hepa filters

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Step 4 Powerful Hepa air purifier

An air purifier removes (ultra-) particles and improves the room climate:
  • » Analysis of the filter performance of your current air treatment system
  • » If the filter performance is not sufficient, you can add a separate air filter:
  •    - plenty of power for productive air circulation and filter performance
  •    - fine Hepa filter for ultrafine particle
  •    - built-in particle sensor

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Step 5 Air purifying office plants for better humidity

Environmental research concludes that plants can pay for themselves in the workplace within one year:
  • » Proven higher employee satisfaction and fewer absences
  • » Higher humidity and conversion of CO2 into oxygen
  • » Affordable solution for formaldehyde problems
  • » More positive atmosphere and better concentrationAir quality solutions