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Formaldehyde measurement

Ecolucht facilitates formaldehyde measurements on location or on remote basis. You doubt about the air quality? Our experienced air quality consultants execute formaldehyde measurements and give thorough solutions how to solve your air quality issues. We work out all data, analysis, conclusions and recommendations in an air quality report. With formaldehyde measurements we often study the air quality at / near production sites, chemical products and construction sites.

We distinguish between 2 techniques in formaldehyde measurements:

Formaldehyde meter with electrochemical sensor

You can buy and rent multifunctional CEM meters. Good accuracy for 95% of all customer-specific applications. This technique can The electrochemical sensor makes a good distinction between formaldehyde and other VOCs. These multifunctional CEM meters also a particle meter and provides TVOC measurements.

Formaldehyde meter based on photoionisation

For our air quality studies on site we can also use this high-end formaldehyde meter. We don't rent out these formaldehyde meters. It provides an extremely high accuracy in measuring dangerous toxic gases such as Formaldehyde and other VOC. The perfect solution for high risk situations, legal conflicts, and other important circumstances.

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In an effective formaldehyde measurement, it is important to conduct a thorough investigation:
  • » Formaldehyde measurement on various locations / moments
  • » portable solution to measure
  • » Formaldehyde measurement at low, medium or high ventilation
  • » Effect after maintenance of your HVAC ventilation system
  • » TVOC Measurement for Volatile Organic Compounds
  • » Efficacy measurement of a Hepa air filter