UV air purifier

You can purify bacteria and viruses from the air with this UV air purifier. UV-C light is a proven technology to disinfect aerosols in the air. Provided there is a strong UV-C lamp and a delay technique to keep the air in the vicinity of the UV lamp during a few seconds.

Where Hepa air purifiers filter fine dust and aerosols from the air, the UV air purifier is also able to destroy these. UV air purifiers with small dimensions usually have too little power to kill viruses. We are charmed by the Airfixr 150 UV air purifier with 2x 40 Watt UV-C lamps and UV lamps with photocatalyst for an enhanced effect.

The Airfixr 150 is an effective UV air purifier (made in Holland) to combat bacteria, viruses, particulate matter and fungi. This allows you to safely disinfect the air. Very suitable for care locations, workplaces, schools, restaurants and public buildings. You can buy and rent a UV air purifier at Ecolucht.

Airfixr 150 UV air purifier

  • » range 150 m³
  • » 2x UV-C lamp (2 x 40 Watt)
  • » Stainless steel housing with titanium dioxide for photocatalyst
  • » F7 air filter
  • » Titanium dioxide
  • » Ionizer without ozone
  • » Whisper-quiet 22 db
  • » Airflow 160 m³ per hour
  • » weight 12 kg
  • » power 100 Watt
  • » Dimensions 30x25x70 cm (LxWxH)
  • » 2 year warranty (not on the UV lamp)


UV air purifier with ionizer

Many air purifiers use an ionizer. Make sure that you do not use an ionizer with ozone, because this cleans the air of viruses, but ozone is also unhealthy, so this shifts the problem. The Airfixr UV air purifier also has an ionizer. This shoots 30,000 to 180,000 negatively charged ions (without ozone) into space. These attach themselves to the positively charged ions (such as bacteria, particulate matter and viruses) and fall to the ground.