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Air quality specialists

Our goal is to make people aware of the air quality they live in.

How healthy is the air you inhale daily?

A vital question for more and more people. Fresh air in a healthy living environment is crucial. Especially for children, for the elderly, for COPD patients, but actually for everybody.

Do not assume that your airco system will protect you from particles or formaldehyde. People often forget to replace the air filter regularly. To measure is to know. Based on the measurement outcomes you have the right basis to make the right decisions.

At ParticleMeter.com you can buy or rent different air quality meters. You can also request an on-site service.

Product portfolio: Services:
» 4 CEM particle counters » Air quality measurement on location
» Particle counter buy or rent » Air quality solutions on printers
» CO2-Meter buy or rent » Optimise your HVAC air system
» Formaldemeter buy or rent  
» TVOC-Meter buy or rent  
» Hepa-airpurifier buy or rent  
» Minipleat filters for better performance  
» UV air purifier  
» Biofilm carrier for wastewater treatment  

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