Air quality measurements

Ecolucht visits companies and public sector organisations throughout Western Europe for air quality measurements and recommendations. Air pollution can seriously endanger health. We cannot see ultrafine particles and formaldehyde with the eyes. However, they are dangerous assassins with the long-term risk of cancer, heart problems and lung disease.

Air quality studies:

  • » multifunctional air quality measurement (particles, formaldehyde, TVOC, RH, CO2)
  • » calibrated particle meters & formaldehyde meters
  • » professional experienced consultants
  • » enhanced environmental studies
  • » report with measurement data, analysis and air quality recommendations

When to measure?

In the event of uncertainties with regard to air quality, presence of particles and / or volatile organic compounds in offices, healthcare premises, production sites. Focus at:
  • » Prevention for the well-being of the people
  • » Increasing complaints about colds, headaches and eye irritation
  • » In case of uncertainty regarding the functioning of the (old) ventilation, HVAC or climate systems
  • » Replacing machines, printers and other equipment with an influence on air quality
  • » In desired hygienic conditions such as in schools, care centers and office spaces
  • » When determining the influence of the outside climate on the indoor climate
  • » Upon completion of new construction (often formaldehyde problems)

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