Portable particle meter

ParticleMeter.com sells and rents portable particle meters to measure air quality for fine dust, CO, CO2, TVOC, formaldehyde and humidity. Where most particle counters only give an insight into the total air quality, our device really distinguishes between coarse, medium, small and ultrafine particles.

We deliver this particle counter to both corporate clients, public sector and consumers. Carry out a precise particle measurement and identify exactly which particles pollute your air. To measure is to know.

The benefits of a CEM particle meter:
  • » Top quality particle counter with warranty
  • » Portable Particle meter: battery operated
  • » Sophisticated insight by zooming in to ultrafine size levels
  •    * 1.0 μm: smog, gas, pesticides, tobacco smoke
  •    * 2.5 μm: bacteria, germs, printer toners, pollen
  •    * 10.0 μm: pollen, building material, sand, cement dust
  • » 2.83 liters / minute air flow through the pump system
  • » Storage capacity of 5,000 samples (8 GB)
  • » Datalog for analysis
This particle meter gives you answers to the following questions:
  • » Your measured air quality factor compared to the particle table index?
  • » Which type of air filter solves your problem?
  • » Particle measurement before and after the use of the air filter
  • » Ultrafine particle measurement on machines, printers heaters

CEM Particle meter

For particle meters, we focus exclusively on CEM Instruments. You can choose from the following 4 models:
  • » CEM DT9880M: Professional particle counter + CO Meter
  • » CEM DT9881M: Professional particle counter + CO Meter + Formaldehyde Meter
  • » CEM DT9883M: Professional particle counter + CO2 Meter + Formaldehyde Meter + TVOC
  • » CEM DT96B: Mini Particle meter PM2.5 and PM10 (home use)