Particle classification

There are big differences in filter performance between an EU5 filter or an EU16 filter. Most particles are captured with an aerodynamic Hepa filter in combination with a powerful air purifier. The ideal air purifier has the following characteristics:
  • » Cleaning capacity m³ per hour
  • » Power / Wattage
  • » Hepa filter class

Depending on the particle measurement and your target, you can purchase the right Hepa filter. For filtering the finest particles such as fungi, bacteria and pollen you need an EU10 to EU12 filter. For building materials a coarse filter is sufficient.

Particle count index

We distinguish the following particle sizes with our CEM particle counter:
  • » PM10: particles smaller than 10 micrometers
  • » PM5: particles smaller than 5 micrometers
  • » PM2.5: particles smaller than 2.5 micrometers
  • » PM 1: particles smaller than 1 micron (ultrafine particle)
  • » PM0.5: Particles smaller than 0.5 micron (ultrafine particle)
  • » PM0.3: Particles smaller than 0.3 micron (ultrafine particle)
You can set the CEM particle counter for two types of measurements:
  • » Mass concentration: μg / m3 PM2.5 and PM10
  • » Particle count: total number of particles measured in the room with a distinction of 6 particle sizes