CO2 index

You can buy or rent a CO2 meter at to measure carbon dioxide levels. To measure is to know. We have many more measuring instruments. Analyze how healthy the air is in your living environment. If there is too much CO2 in the air, you need to ventilate better with fresh air.

Very healthy:400 - 600 PPM (important to children, elderly and COPD)
Healthy: 600 - 800 ppm
Moderate:800 - 1.000 PPM
Unhealthy:1.000 PPM oder höher

For an effective CO2 measurement, you rather analyze in the following situations:
  • » Time: morning, afternoon and evening
  • » Number of people: with different number of people in the room
  • » Ventilation: Examine the effect of your current ventilation (grid / window open)
  • » Initiatives: Examine The effect of the proposed solutions

Air quality

For a complete picture of air quality, we recommend combining the CO2 measurement with a particle meter. So you can also see if pollutants float in the air.

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