Formaldehyde Index

You can rent a formaldehyde meter to measure the risk of toxic gases at home and at work. To measure is to know. So you can see if you are working or living in a healthy living environment. If there is too much formaldehyde in the air, take protective action.
Index at home:  HCHO: 0,08 mg / m³
Construction / industrial site:  HCHO: 0,10 mg / m³

For effective formaldehyde measurement, carefully examine:
  • » Product composition: chemical ingredients
  • » Locations: explore the different spaces
  • » The effect of your ventilation system
  • » Initiatives: Examine the impact of your actions

Air quality

For a complete picture of air quality, we recommend combining the formaldehyde measurement with a particle meter. This allows you to visualize whether pollutants and gases are floating in the air.