Air quality measurement on printers examines the air pollution caused by printers and multifunctionals. The research focus is on the office printers of brands HP, Ricoh, Lexmark, Xerox, Kyocera, Konica Minolta and Canon. It is impossible to measure every printer model, but the goal is to provide an insight into the particle emissions of the most popular models. Of course, we can also visit your office / working place for an air quality study.

A printer is in virtually every office and can cause air pollution. Ultra file particles might cause to health risks, respiratory diseases, headaches, decreased work productivity and illness absence. It is of great importance to thoroughly examine the air around the printer.

Case Study

Air pollution from printer toners

The more prints you make, the more toner the printer processes. The printer fuser melts the toner and binds it to the paper. During this printing process harmful substances can be released. With every particle measurement in the office, we measure the following air quality risks with the printer:

Clean Printing technology

With their CSR sustainability vision, printer manufacturers focus primarily on longer life, all-round renewal or lower energy consumption. Air pollution surprisingly get very little attention. Has your printer supplier ever talked about air pollution? Or proposed a particle count measurement? has conducted product comparisons between different printer technologies. Find out more about ECO models and whether they really make a difference.

Air quality tips for using printers

  • 1) Particle count measurement in the office
  • 2) Solve the problem at the source: Replace your printer with cleaner technology
  • 3) Better ventilation
  • 4) System cleaning and / or upgrading your HVAC ventilation unit
  • 5) Install a powerful Hepa air filter next to your printer
  • 6) It is not recommended to integrate particle filters into your printer.
  • 7) Contact your printer supplier (Xerox, Canon, Ricoh, Minolta, HP).
  • 8) Replace your old printer with a new cleaning technology

Air quality filters for printers

There are several vendors who pretend to offer the ideal solution to air quality issues in the filed of printers. We are not in favor of particle filter modules that are integrated in your printer. They alter the airflow in the unit, which can cause printer malfunction, warranty and print quality issues. Choose a clean printer or just place a powerful Hepa air filter next to the unit. Then the printer can work better.

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