Particle meter specialist

"How healthy is the air you breathe?"

With our professional particle meter you can analyse the air quality in offices, industrial sites and public buildings. To measure is to know. Accurate particle measurements form the ideal basis to take appropriate actions. We have a wide range of particle meters for rent and for sale. Benefit from our knowledge, our stock, discount prices and service support.

Spending time in an unhealthy space can lead to serious health problems such as COPD, pneumonia, skin aging and cancer. You can rent calibrated air quality meters at to measure air quality:

Industrial production, gas heaters, printers, paint, traffic jams and poor ventilation are all risk factors for a bad air quality. With a particle meter you can measure particles, formaldehyde, TVOC, CO2, RH, CO2 and CO. Most aircos fail to sufficiently clean the air. Bad filters and a too weak motor performance do not effectively solve your problem. Check your situation with our meters and take appropriate action.

Rent or buy a CEM particle meter

  • » Top quality particle meter (CEM Instruments GmbH)
  • » Portable measuring device: with rechargeable batteries
  • » Easy to use
  • » Advanced pump technology for air circulation (2.83 liters / minute)
  • » Accurate particle  measurement of mass concentrations PM10 and PM2.5
  • » Analysis for the finest particles: 0.3 μm, 0.5 μm, 1.0 μm, 2.5 μm, 5.0 μm, 10.0 μm
  • » Sale & rental of particle counters: (including service support)
  • » Datalog for analysis
  • » Customer service for technical support &tips

Air quality measurement

Air quality measurement is mainly carried out in places with increased health risks:
1) polluted inner city 2) highway
3) industrial zone 4) kitchen
5) printer 6) bacteria in nursing homes / day care
7) people with COPD 8) poor ventilation
9) construction sites 10) wood stoves

Particle meters for formaldehyde / VOC measurements

Construction projects, paint, coatings and chemical applications can cause toxic gases. Our consultant analyzes the air quality with a formaldehyde measurement. He works out all measurements, conclusions and advice in an air quality report. We distinguish between 2 levels in formaldehyde measurements:
  • » Pro Class: Formaldehyde measurement with electrochemical sensor
  • » Elite Class: formaldehyde measurement based on photoionization: at ISO & High Risk